These are all the known nations in Nordac.

Iborul Isle

This the Dragon Isle, named after the Nation that exists there. It only has the Nation cities on it.

Landscape: Mostly Mountains with dense forest all around the outside of it.
Economics: Being a dragon community pretty much anyone with any kind of dragonblood lives very comfortably. There are a lot of slaves and merchants, most of the workers are actually slaves.
Education: This is forced on all dragonblooded creatures, due to their long lives. They go to school and have what they call Dragon Training for a quite a few years, then they help with making the Nation stronger.


The Magical Isle

This is a remote isle that really nobody knows anything about. Some believe it is run by a very powerful sorcerer, but the truth is unknown.

Landscape: All mountains
Economics: Seems like a poor area, only real money made here is the export and import in Rockdale.
Education: There really isn’t any education, only a small school. No one really goes there, with the exception of some of the wealthier families children.

Southern Isle

This is the true Good Versus Evil island. The island is split into 2 different Nations, the Holy Nation Antona, and the Undead Nation Escor. In the middle of the island is what they call the killing zone, it’s about 10 miles between two walls. The island has been around for a long time, it is said that the undead side is where people go when they die.

Landscape: Well the Western side is grassland with a few forests. The Eastern side is barren with nothing living there that you can seen.
Economics: The Western side is pretty standard economics. There are some very holy artifacts in the Castle.
Education: On the Western side it is required to attend the Churches schools.


Main Island

This is the main lsland of the world, containing 6 nations on it. So you can imagine it is quite large. It has been around for about 10,000 years, from what people can figure out. It’s a well balanced place. In the middle of it is Lake Nordac, named after the world. The population on the island is very diverse in both cultures, and creatures, containing farmers, adventures, nobles and barbarians as just a few examples.

Landscape: The north-west is a desert, north-east is mountains, south-west is a jungle, and the rest is all grassland and forests.
Economics: There are rich people, poor people, and middle class. It really depends on the Nation, but for the most part, there is a little of everything somewhere.
Education: Varies between the Nations, mostly the 3 most notable are, Kingdom of Lyra, Ugar, and Ebbenrock where most people are well educated.

Kingdom of Lyra

Notable Cities:



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